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Swim Safe New York is Dedicated to Teaching Individuals to Swim Confidently and Safely



*NEW* 2023 Summer Semester:

NEW Friday sessions- 6/30/23 - 8/11/23

Saturday sessions- 7/1/23 - 8/12/23 

This is a 7 week program (Schedule may change) 


Our Learn-To-Swim Program is taught by experienced swim instructors. They are certified Water Safety Instructors and United States Swiming coaches with licenses in American Swimming Coach Assocation.

Private Lessons


Private instruction is available to swimmers of all levels. It is beneficial for beginner students who need individual attention to overcome the fear of water.  

Red Cross Lifeguard Class


Other courses are also available to experienced swimmers who would like to be the ambassadors of safe swimming:

Red Cross Lifeguard Classes include CPR, AED and First Aid certification.* 


There are 4 sessions totaling 36 hours


*(Achieving certification is dependent on the student passing the class)

Watch our Swim Safe New York Instructor 

Demonstrate the Breaststroke 

Have fun, be safe and swim!

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